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by Kirsten Cross
Twiggy is best known for her career as a model in the mid 60s and her career as an actress from the early 70s. Her looks, style and panache could arguably have made Twiggy the first supermodel, for she certainly set a globe-trotting template that many others were to try and emulate. Born on the 19th September 1949, Twiggy is a Virgo born in the Chinese Year of the Ox. The combination of these two signs is an unusual one and her career as a model and an actress is not usually associated with these. How have the stars helped Twiggy chart her course and how will they influence her in what is yet to come?

In January 1966, Twiggy – or Lesley Hornby as she was then – had her hair coloured and cut short by a celebrity hair stylist. She had responded to an advert for models on which the stylist would test out a new hairstyle. The results were photographed and the stylist hung them in his famous salon, the House of Leonard. A fashion journalist saw the pictures and asked to meet the girl on whom they focused. Shortly afterwards, the Daily Express released an article about her, declaring her to be the ‘Face of ‘66’.

What is interesting about this part of Twiggy’s life is that neither her Virgo side nor her Oxen side is a natural spotlight seeker. Indeed, she once said, “I hated what I looked like, so I thought everyone had gone stark raving mad.” Despite its obvious associations with beauty, Virgo is an introspective sign, more concerned with organising the chaos inside her head than viewing herself as a national beauty. The Ox also shies away from public attention, so how will these signs have coped with the attention suddenly thrust upon them?

This is certainly where Virgo comes into her own, for she will suddenly start to organise the clutter inside her head and begin a whole new approach to her situation. The Ox too will have flourished under these circumstances for beneath their ponderous exteriors Oxen are bristling with creativity and possessed of remarkable self-belief. This would seem to tie in with some of her career moves during the 60s, especially the decision to release her own range of ‘Twiggy Dresses’. Within a very short space of time, Twiggy had captured the look of the 1960s, thanks to her inherent slightness and androgynous looks.

The 1970s saw Twiggy depart from modelling and split up with her boyfriend and manager, Justin de Villeneuve. With typical Virgo perspicacity, she said, “You can’t be a clothes hanger for your entire life!” It is Twiggy’s Virgo nature that is likely to have guided her through this decision. Once they are faced with a crossroads, the celestial maiden is able to detach herself with alarming ease and see just which would be the better road to pursue. However, the Ox within her may have influenced her to choose acting, nourishing her creative needs.

As with most decisions from the highly analytical mind of the Virgo, this one proved to be a good one. Twiggy suddenly found herself in demand from the world’s most famous directors including Ken Russell. TV appearances swiftly followed including a spot on the Muppet Show, in which she sang ‘My Life’ by the Beatles. This turned out to be a prudent move, as it gave her another string to her bow and she released the albums ‘Twiggy’ and ‘Please Get My Name Right’ to critical acclaim.

Since then, Twiggy has moved from one creative medium to another with effortless adaptability; another trait associated with Virgo. However, it is the hard-working dependability of the Ox that has given her the broad shoulders necessary to undertake each project and see it through to its best possible outcome.

Today, Twiggy has returned to modelling and is credited with reviving the fortunes of the ailing Marks & Spencers franchise. But, with all she has achieved, how will Twiggy embark on her seventh decade?

It seems that Twiggy is very much governed by her Western star sign, although her Chinese birth sign would appear to be a very steadying influence. It would not be a surprise to see Twiggy doing more for those less fortunate than herself. To date, she has always kept her charity work private but, as she becomes more aware on the influences she has had on the generation of today, The Ox will want her to plough old fields and plant something new there. It may be a challenge, but that’s what Oxen do best.

Given her creativity, the way in which she implements her decision to cultivate new and fruitful crops may come as something of a surprise to us.

For many, the combination of Virgo and the Ox could be a pairing that leads to stagnation. For Twiggy, it has been a healthy cycle of creation and re-invention. In many ways, although she will be forever associated with the 60s, her influence is continuing to percolate into the future.

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