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Summer Solstice: Psychic Energy Boost
by Kirsten Cross
The approach of the Summer Solstice brings with it a unique combination of energies and psychic perceptions that will reach a peak on the 21st of June. By preparing for this event, those who are attuned to their psychic energy and wish to develop their abilities can reap the benefits in a very short space of time.

Prepare for the Summer

The longest day of the year arrives as the culmination of a number of events occurring on the physical and psychic planes. It marks the time when the sun is at its highest in the celestial equator and this year, the solstice will see the sun moving into the house of Cancer, allowing us to focus on the emotional aspect brought into play by this particular Water sign. When we have a number of planets congregating in the aspect of a particular sign, it sends out a unique, vibrational force that allows us to open new doors of psychic perception and gain greater insight into the talents we are developing. Of course, as with any goal, preparation is everything and there are a number of ways you can help yourself tap into the potent mix of energies that will be transmitted at this time.

Riding the waves of change

The waves of vibration that will come into play on the Summer Solstice will bring about significant change. They are the dawning of a new cycle, especially where emotional issues are concerned. By affirming your desire to ride the waves of change, you will open your unconscious to new possibilities and potential.

As the Solstice approaches, it is a good idea to work such an affirmation into your meditations. You can consider aspects of yourself and your situation in life that may have become stale or stagnant and communicate the idea to your spiritual self that the time is ripe for these things to alter. As the energies from the Solstice come to bear the message you are embedding in your subconscious will gain in strength and potency, readying you for any changes that are to come. While this may sound as though you are preparing yourself to become like a leaf in a breeze, in reality you are preparing to wash away old habits and rituals that might be hampering your psychic development.

Get Rid of Old Habits

As the Solstice approaches, you may become aware of ‘blockages’ in your psychic abilities. This is not to be feared, as it is not a sign that your abilities are degenerating. In fact, it is simply your psychic self re-tuning itself to a new frequency that is being generated by the alignment of the planets. As one form of psychic communication seems to diminish, you may also find that another seems to flourish.

Many with psychic abilities find that they experience more lucid dreams that are fraught with symbolism. To help your abilities find balance once the Solstice has reached its zenith, it is worth keeping a dream diary in the days before. Make a note of the feelings and symbols that are most prevalent in your dreams. These symbols are your subconscious communicating the areas of your psyche that need attention. By analysing your dreams during this time, you will find you are able to harness a greater depth to your natural abilities in the time after the Solstice has passed.

Knowing Yourself for the Future

Self-knowledge is an important tool in the time preceding the Longest Day. By questioning your needs, desires and aspirations through visualisation, you will create a state of mind that is more receptive to the vibrational changes that are yet to occur. You may want to begin by creating a list of questions for your higher self, being as specific as you feel is necessary. Many find that it is handy to keep a Dictaphone or tape recorder running during their meditations at this time, as the subconscious can often supply answers that you will acknowledge verbally. By having a record of the answers your unconscious self provides, you can more quickly begin to ascertain which aspects of yourself and your life should be given priority in the weeks to come.

The initial results of this sort of psychic preparation will focus on clearing any barriers between you and the changes that are set to come. Even the most dedicated of practitioners will build up a number of blockages as the result of the programming installed in our conscious minds. By wiping the unconscious clean of any barriers created by the ego and those created by the minutiae of our daily lives, we can create a state within ourselves that is open and ready for the changes to come. As with any form of exercise, a ‘cooling down’ period is also advisable. Once the Solstice has passed, you should continue your meditations to discern what attributes you have gained from this unique astrological event.

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