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The Game of Seduction
by Barney Battles
Much has been written about the art of seduction, from using the subtleties of body language to changing your personal appearance. However, trying to take on all these changes at once is next to impossible. You don’t want to begin flirting with someone only to have to dig out a handbook on what to do or say next. The true art of seduction begins on a psychic level and will engender physical and mental subconscious changes, without you even having to think about them.

Seduction is often thought of as a means to a physical end. However, true seduction is the art of making yourself attractive to someone on all levels - spiritually, emotionally and physically. The best place to start is with what is at your core.

Programme your subconscious

In attempting to seduce someone, you are making yourself as desirable as possible to them. The first thing you will need is the will to succeed and you can programme your subconscious to embrace this mind set with positive affirmations. Your higher self will only respond to affirmative instruction, so rather than saying to yourself things like “I will not fail,” use positive instructions such as “I will succeed.” Saying these out loud to yourself or writing them down on a regular basis helps to make your affirmations into a physical reality, by confirming to your subconscious mind that they are more than just pipe dreams.

Collect some psychic data

Next, you should consider the person who is to be seduced. Begin or end the day with visualisations that focus on them in certain situations. Your subconscious mind is a powerful collector of psychic data and will have stored information that you are not even aware of. All you need to do is to unlock it.

In your visualisations, try and remember moments when your intended ‘target’ has appeared to be at their most buoyant, happy and interesting. As you build up a picture of them in those states, expand your visualisations to include what the factors were that were leading them into these emotional and intellectual peaks. If you were the stimulus for these moments, bring yourself into the picture and concentrate on what you were doing, how you were behaving and how you looked. If someone else was the instigator of these moments, replace their image with your own, being sure to use their actions and behaviour as a template and transpose yourself into their place. It is worth keeping a journal of how these visualisations make you feel. Visualisations of these sort can be very potent and you may start to notice subtle differences in the way you dress or carry yourself.

Keep your sense of humour

An important factor in all of this is not to forget your sense of humour. Seduction is a game and should be played as such. If you are hoping to attract a soul mate, then you should be using different methods. These are purely to make yourself desirable to someone, not a promise of a fulfilling relationship. In essence, you are using your psychic self to exaggerate the qualities in yourself that others find attractive. While this is not entirely duplicitous, neither is it a candid exploration of your psyche. Relationships require an element of vulnerability - seduction does not.

Don’t be afraid of your desires

We have all heard the phrase to ‘mentally undress’ someone. This is a strong part of psychic seduction techniques. You may find that you are drawn to a particular part of your ‘target’s’ body. Rather than shy away from this, you can consciously visualise touching this part of them with your hands. It may be that you are looking straight into their eyes at this point, but your psychic antennae will transmit energies of desire to those of the person you are focussed on. These thoughts may engender physical symptoms, such as blushing.

These are physical signals brought about by your psychic self and will be picked up on by your target on both physical and psychic levels. Often, this is referred to as a ‘twinkle’ in someone’s eyes. In reality, it is a sign that they find you attractive and, short of actually saying the words, they are letting you know through a higher form of communication. Continuing these visualisations when you are alone will prime your subconscious to transmit waves of desire whenever you meet that person and make the message clearer and more pronounced.

Rehearse the moment

Finally, it is worth mentally rehearsing the moment of seduction itself. By visualising the surroundings, the atmosphere and the conversation, you won’t get stuck for something to say or do. Rather than stuttering your way through a possible seduction, have a number of appropriate lines up your sleeve. These will come to you as you imagine the scenario unfolding to the conclusion you desire. The art of seduction is all in the details.

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