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Kellan Lutz
by Barney Battles
Much to the joy of women across the world, Kellan Lutz is once again young, free and single. Voted among the top ten of Glamour Magazine’s ’50 Sexiest Men of 2010’, Mr. Lutz is one of the world’s most eligible bachelors. At the age of 26, he has carved himself a fairly respectable Hollywood CV and is set to turn his talents towards fashion design. It seems that Kellan is an unstoppable force, but will the stars present this young Adonis with greater, psychic challenges in the future?

Born on the 15th March 1985, Kellan is a Pisces in the Western zodiac and ruled by the sign of the Ox under Chinese astrology. This is an ideal combination for anyone entering the arts. Pisceans are emotional and sensitive dreamers, whilst the Ox is hard working, patient and methodical. Under these two signs, Kellan is able to turn practically any of his fantasies into reality - he has artistic vision and a businessman’s tenacity. As an actor, he is able to rely on his Piscean sixth sense to draw on other people. Pisceans have an uncanny ability to empathise with people on a very personal level.

Never forgetting an experience

People are often compelled to share their deepest, darkest secrets with a Fish, even if they have only known them for a short time. Kellan may well find himself acting as an unofficial counsellor to friends and family, as the sensitive nature of the Pisces means that they never forget an experience, no matter how traumatic or trivial it may seem. Instead, the Fish will swim around in the psychic ether and worry at the remains of that experience until they have teased a learning experience from it. Pisces people often appear blessed with an unnatural level of wisdom and insight, but this is learned through often bitter experience.

Romantically, Kellan has had some success, but seems unable to commit entirely to a long-term relationship. After recently splitting up with his girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord, he says that he just wants to meet; “a normal girl. It’s funny to say that but where I live and what I do it’s hard to find someone who knows who they are.” Without realizing it, Kellan may be closer to the truth than he cares to think. As an Ox, it will take him a long time to fully commit to a partner on an emotional and psychic level. Oxen watch and observe their partners for as long as it takes for them to decide whether they are “the one”. Part of their rigorous criteria is that the other person must be comfortable in their own skin and be spiritually aligned. This is also important to the less-stable Fish. Pisces tend to exist in higher planes and it will take a psychically centered individual to help them keep their feet – or fins – on the ground. Neither sign will tolerate a faade or false impression. Once scarred, both the Ox and the Fish will go to great pains to ensure that they never make the same mistake again.

Psychic fatigue

The Fish is the sign that Kellan will have to be wary of in the future. While it offers great psychic insight and astonishing levels of compassion, it is also demands incredibly high levels of psychic energy to sustain these gifts. If he is unable to maintain these levels, Kellan may suffer the symptoms of psychic fatigue. Many Pisceans are subject to bouts of depression and, if left unchecked, these can spiral into drug and alcohol abuse. While Kellan is the picture of health and vitality right now, the Fish could potentially lead him down darker avenues and put his mental and physical health at risk.

However, the Fish is also preoccupied with creating a piece of divinity here in the corporeal world. Already, he has established links with PETA and the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans. We may see Kellan setting up his own charitable foundations – as long as he is prepared to be guided by the Ox. The Fish will create the concept, but it is the Ox that will bring it into being. As a combination, the Fish and the Oxen are a powerful duo, making the best of the fantastic and the practical.

Kellan is blessed with two potent signs, but it is the Fish that could be his undoing. If he is unable to keep it in check and tune into the logical essence of the Ox, he may well find that in the future his life is filled with nothing but regrets. However, should he be able to catch the Fish he will be a force to be reckoned with, seemingly possessed of the Midas touch. Major opportunities will be offered to Kellan in his thirties, but it will depend on his psychic state as to whether he is able to exploit them to the maximum or watch them slip through his fingers.

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