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The Power of Visualisation
by Barney Battles
Visualisation is one of the most powerful psychic tools you have at your disposal. While many might be familiar with the term, they may not fully understand what it means or, more importantly, why it works. Once you have mastered the ability to visualise your goals, there is little to stop you achieving anything you want from life.

Visualisation is the art of communicating positive desires and instructions to your subconscious mind. The result is that your psychic self will do everything in its power to make those thoughts into a reality and can even bring about positive physical changes to your life. In order to understand how it works, we have to broaden our understanding of the subconscious.

Your psychic black box

Your subconscious could be likened to the black box recorder on an aeroplane. It records everything that happens to you each and every day, storing data away for future use. In addition to recording events, it also captures sights, sounds, smells and feelings. You may have experienced the way a piece of music can evoke deep feelings within you or transport you to a certain place or time in your life. This is your subconscious making a strong association between a particular song and a particular event. Rather than simply recalling the song, we are given a sensory replay of how we were feeling at that time. This is an example of how the subconscious uses all the senses in its recording process.

Your subconscious trusts you

An important thing to know about your subconscious us that it believes everything you tell it. Because your subconscious is a psychic extension of yourself, it sees no reason why you would lie to yourself so, following that logic, everything you tell your subconscious self must be true. In addition, your psyche will respond only to positive instruction. It will not hear negatives contained in any commands given to it. For example, if you are told do NOT think of a blue bear, your subconscious does not hear the negative in the command and completes the instruction as it sees it. The result is that you cannot help but think of a blue bear.

Similarly, if you asked to rate your talents in a particular field, you might say: Im not bad. Your subconscious will not hear the negative in your reply and you may find yourself experiencing doubts about your abilities. A better stance to take is Im pretty good. Your subconscious will react to this positive affirmation by increasing your confidence and looking for ways to help you improve your game.

Using positive energy

Knowing these things helps us to find the most effective way to communicate with our subconscious. The subconscious records events using all the senses and responds to positive instruction. By turning our desires into images that are complete as can be and imbuing them with positive energy, the subconscious will respond with all the ammunition in its artillery to help you achieve your goal. In part, this is also due to the fact that your subconscious cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not. Films move us because our psychic selves cannot discern fact from fiction. By supplying your subconscious with positive imagery, you are telling how you want your life to pan out.

Turn it into a sensory experience

The art of visualisation is to turn into a sensory experience. Firstly, you must decide what it is you want to achieve. This goal should be realistic - the subconscious is capable of many things, but is not to be treated like a genie in a lamp. Next, you must find the time and space in which to relax. Your mind and your body should be a blank canvas, ready to embody the sensory ripples caused by your visualisation. On visualising the achievement you wish to make, use (if possible) instances from your past where you have achieved something similar. For example, if you want to improve your self-confidence, remember a time where you were at your most self-assured and visualise that moment in as much detail as you can muster.

As you create these images, you should allow your subconscious to fill you with the feelings you experienced at the time. The next step is to visualise the current you stepping into that image from the past and inhabiting it, once again allowing yourself to fully experience the feelings generated by this.

Visualisations are not a guarantee of overnight success, but are a gradual process of engendering a psychic and physical makeover. Visualisations should be repeated daily and at a time when your subconscious and unconscious mind is intertwined. This is usually just before you go to sleep or just after you wake up. By embracing visualisation, you are letting your psyche know that you are ready to take control of your own life and get everything from it that you can.

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