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Psychic Balance for the Fall Equinox
by Naomi Otley
On Fall Equinox, the length of the night becomes equal to the length of day. This is the perfect time to stop and consider your inner, psychic balance—and your relationship with the hidden aspects of the universe.

In the Spring Equinox, the force of light is waxing as darkness retreats. Everything in the natural world is moving, stirring and shooting up from the soil. People throw out what they don`t need, shed their winter layers, and get down to the business of having a productive Summer.

The Fall Equinox has the exact same measures of light and darkness, but the vibe is completely different. Here, darkness is overtaking light. The days are getting shorter, and a mysterious stillness pervades the earth. It makes sense to gather energy unto ourselves, express gratitude for what we have, and prepare for the Winter ahead.

It`s obvious that nature can`t grow and expand without rest—it needs a period of of darkness and death, so that it can be re-born in the Spring. Our psychic nature is the same way. Finding balance in different areas of life is key to operating at peak psychic health, and Fall Equinox is a magical moment for doing just that!

Work & Play

In today`s ultra-fast and super-competitive world, it`s easy to work yourself to the bone. Are you allowing enough time to rest and regroup? Always working harder than the next person will not necessarily give you the advantage. Natural cycles, brilliant ideas, good luck, and great success are all inter-connected in mysterious ways. A constant attitude of competition and scarcity can work against you. Fall Equinox teaches us to work hard, then rest and trust the universe.

World & Spirit

Every day, our senses are bombarded with the idea that worldly accomplishments are all-important. We`re supposed to fit in, look good, be successful. This is healthy up to a point, but taking it too far has adverse affects. It`s possible to become so involved with ideas of worldly success that we forget to turn inward and communicate with spirit. Fall Equinox teaches that darkness and stillness are the wellspring of all external things.

Self & Others

If we spend too much energy on ourselves, and too little energy helping others, we become isolated and cut off. If we spend too much energy on others, and neglect our own goals in the process, we lose the ability to stand in our own power. The balance between self and others is a huge aspect of psychic health. Fall Equinox teaches that we are individuals living in a collective—unique but fundamentally one.

Mental & Physical

Many of us spend increasing amounts of time in "mental" spaces—reading, watching, talking and thinking. This is a necessary part of life, but it shouldn`t come at the expense of physical wellbeing. The body is a precious instrument, and its health or illness has far-reaching affects on the mind and spirit. Harvests allow the body to be nourished and sustained, so that the mind and spirit can also be healthy. Fall Equinox teaches us to balance the mental with the physical, so that optimum health can be achieved on all levels.

—Psychic Advice—

Many people perform simple rituals to commemorate the Fall Equinox. These can be as simple as decorating the home with gourds and harvest imagery, to creating altars and reciting special incantations. It`s also an ideal time—perhaps the best time of the year—for psychic communication. Meditation, yoga, and psychic readings are all great ways to find greater balance on the Fall Equinox.

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