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Guardian Angel

Find an Angel

Every person’s Guardian Angel takes on a different form and has a different way of announcing their presence, reflecting a unique psychic bond.

Finding your guardian angel can be a surprisingly direct experience, although it may take some time. The easiest way is to make a list of Angels. Feel which one may be close to you spiritually, and mentally or verbally ask the Angel if it is your guardian.

Ask the Angel to show a “yes” answer with a white feather, or by speaking its name to you randomly, whether on TV, the radio, or in print. The answer often comes on the same day. If you get nothing by the following day, the answer is a ‘no’ or ‘don’t know’. In this way, move down your list of angels until you get a positive match.

Respond to Psychic Distress Signals

At times when we are in need, our psychic side sends out a distress signal to a higher plane. This signal is received by your Guardian Angel, who lets you know they are there in a way that is somehow significant to you. The constant appearance of a butterfly could be explained away as a natural occurrence but, if it holds some emotional or psychic significance for you then, in all likelihood, it is a psychic connection from the spirit of someone who is looking over you. Whether or not you were aware of your psychic abilities, we all have them and it is this innate gift that allows you to sense that there is something more to a seemingly ordinary situation than may first be assumed.

In order to strengthen your connection with your Guardian Angel and be able to recognise their presence more clearly, there are a number of exercises you can do. These are designed to develop our intuition and make our psychic selves more alert and receptive.

Flex your Psychic Muscles

The best time to flex your psychic muscles is when your conscious mind is taking second place in your subconscious. Usually, this is when we are either coming out of sleep or going into it, although a similar, trance-like state can be achieved through meditation. If you are able to, set aside some time at the end of the day, just as you are preparing to sleep, and relax completely. Visualise yourself in a place in which you feel safe and at peace. This may be a place that you know and have an affinity for or it may be a place that you create for yourself. If this is the case, do not feel that your choice of setting has any less value than a real one. It is simply your psychic sense creating an environment in which you can attune your senses.

As you become aware of the surroundings in your mind, create a path in the picture that leads to the horizon. Again, the path may be real or fictitious. Start to follow the path and, as you do so, ask your Guardian Angel to reveal himself. As you continue down the path, you may notice a form appearing in the distance in front of you. It may be insubstantial and indistinct to begin with but, by concentrating on it, you may be able to discern who or what is being shown to you. Initially, the image may appear random or slightly surreal, but this is only a sign that you need to strengthen your psychic abilities further. By considering the images you have seen during the day, you may gain insight into the identity of your Angel and perhaps the nature of any message they are trying to impart.

By repeating this exercise nightly, or at a quiet time during the day, the identity of your Angel will become clearer. As your psychic muscles grow, you may also find that the person who is looking after you becomes more present in your dreams. It is here that we can really listen to any wisdom that they might have for us.

Once you have established a link with your Guardian Angel, you will then be able to communicate with them, using the exercise described as a template. It may be that you receive answers straight away or you might have to wait for a time. Until then, those little incidents that gave you a sense of being watched over will take on greater meaning and offer even greater depths of reassurance.

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