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The human hand contains billions of tiny information that can reveal very remarkable information about a person and their health.
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Our live psychics 0906 cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone providers access charge. Calls recorded. 18+ with bill payers permission. Entertainment only. SP CCP Service Limited. Booking/SMS customer service enquiries: +44 (0) 207 552 5020. Terms and Conditions below.

Our Star Temple Palmists are specialists in human hands’ lines, and will be more than able to read your palms and give you inspriring advice and guidance regarding your current and future situations, as well as answering any concerns that you might have.

Have you ever been curious about yourself,your partner or family? Or have you ever had things you wanted to change about yourself?  You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t want to grow and do better.

You might have questions about your health, your career, your romantic life, finances, and more. If you’re not content with your current life situation, it’s easy to let dissatisfaction grow into depression or resentment.

That’s why palmistry is so important and helpful! Whether this is the first time it’s crossed your mind or you’ve been doing it your entire life, the palm reading specialists at Star Temple will read your palm and give you advice on how to tackle your current troubles as well as any future threats. We offer online palm reading for male and female both.

Intrigued to know more about palmistry reading? Our palmist articles will satisfy your curiosity for sure.

Palmistry provide insight about your past
Highlight possible future wellness
Uncover your life path with palm reading
Palmistry Reading – £39.95

In order to read your palms online, please use this form to send a high-quality photo of each of your hands in an email to us. We will pass the pictures to our expert Palmist who will provide you with feedback within the next 48 hours. On completion of this form, you will be directed to PayPal for payment.


FAQs on Palm Reading

Why Palm Reading is helpful in Daily Life?

At StarTemple.com our trusted palmists respect ancient Vedic Astrology whereby the dominant hand of an individual i.e., the hand which is used to perform all the necessary tasks, is taken into consideration for Palm Reading. The passive hand of an individual is also assessed to take note of his/her inherited characteristics and caliber.

What are the benefits of Palm Readings?

Our StarTemple.com palmists believe there are many benefits of palm reading including:

  1. Palm reading helps people make a decision, and find out the direction they should proceed in life. When making a major decision, palmistry can help gain more confidence in the decision-making process.
    2. Palm reading helps find out the purpose of life.
What is the Origins of Palm Reading?

Palmistry is the foretelling of the future through the study of the palm. It is more popularly known as Palm Reading. It is a common practice in various places in the world, especially in the continents of Asia and Europe. Palmistry was developed in India, from where it spread to China and successively to European countries. It is still growing to this day, although it was suppressed during the Middle Ages and was prohibited in France by King Henry VIII. It is used now to get opinions about their lives and the future.

What are the Secrets of Palmistry: Beginners Guide to Read Future on Palm

Our StarTemple.com psychics believe palmistry is a great conversation starter and a mystic art in vogue. Palmistry, also known as chiromancy, is a predictive science. There are several professional palmistry experts and professional palm readers today.

Which Hand to Read for Male and Female in Palmistry?

For women, the left hand represents potential, and the right hand represents actions. For men, the right palm represents actions, and the left hand represents potential. However, some palm reading experts may reverse this rule for left-handed individuals.

What are the most important lines on your palm?

There are four important lines in your palm. StarTemple.com believes they hold the secrets of palmistry. These are:

  • Heartline
  • Headline
  • Lifeline
  • Fate line
What is the “Heartline”?

Heartline reveals the secrets of palmistry relating to your relationships, companionship, and love life.

If the heart line on your palm starts from the side and ends just below your index finger, this can mean a happy love and heart life. On the other hand, if this line ends below your middle finger, it means that you are a bit selfish in love.

If the line ends between your middle finger and index finger, this means that you fall in love easily and quickly.

What is the “Headline”?

The headline can help reveal some of the best secrets of palmistry.

A short headline reveals that you are more involved and interested in physical activities than in intellectual activities and activities involving intense thinking. It indicates that you enjoy physical challenges more than mental ones.

If the headline is super straight and is across your palm, it reveals that you are a very logical and straightforward person.

What is the “Lifeline”?

The lifeline is the vertical line on your palm that is closest to your thumb. It is also called “Jeevan Rekha.” The lifeline contains and reveals the ultimate secrets of palmistry. Contrary to popular opinion, your lifeline doesn’t tell you how long you will live. It rather tells you how you are and will live your life. It represents not the years but the quality of your life.

What is your “Fate line”?

Your fate line is the line right in the middle of your palm. The fate line is the best-kept secret of palmistry.

The fate line is the line running all the way straight across your palm, right in the middle. This line crosses all the other lines in its path and hence is called the fate line. The fate line connects everything.

A straight and deep fate line indicates a very successful and promising career. A relatively faint and light fate line can indicate the job and career dissatisfaction.

Call StarTemple.com today if you wish to speak with one of our trusted palmists.

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