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+44 (0) 207 553 5020

Our live psychics 0907 cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone providers access charge. Calls recorded. 18+ with bill payers permission. Entertainment only. SP CCP Service Limited. Booking/SMS customer service enquiries: +44 (0) 207 552 5030. Terms and Conditions below.

Psychic Text Readings

Do you have a burning question? We can provide answers to any questions you have about life, love and career, plus your first psychic text reading is free! (After that £1 per message, max 3 replies, standard network charges apply)
Premium Line
0906 1104 345
Credit Card Line
+44(0) 207 553 5020

Our live psychics 0906 cost £1.50 per minute plus your phone providers access charge. Calls recorded. 18+ with bill payers permission. Entertainment only. SP CCP Service Limited. Booking/SMS customer service enquiries: +44 (0) 207 552 5020. Terms and Conditions below.

If you have a quick question or don’t have time for a phone reading, try our psychic text service. All new clients get their first psychic text reading completely free of charge (then £1 per message, max 3 replies, standard network rates apply). We know that sometimes it is just easier and more private to send a text message.

Do you have a specific question about your life? Something on your mind? Wondering if there’s more to life than just the physical world? Let one of our psychic text readers send you a free psychic text reading (first message free, then £1 per message, max 3 replies, standard network charges apply).

What’s the point of reaching out to a psychic? We believe everyone deserves a chance to ask their own questions without being judged. That’s why we offer free psychic text chat, so whether you want to know if he’s cheating, who she likes, if your ex will come back, or anything else – we’re here for you! Just text a psychic for free (first message free, then £1 per message, max 3 replies, standard network charges apply).

How does the Psychic Text Service work?

Just like a psychic phone reading, our readers will link in with you to connect and answer your questions with their guidance and knowledge via text message. Everything is “energy” therefore energy is also in a text message. We intuitively connect through clairvoyance and spirit guides to answer your questions.

We can answer questions related to your career, relationships, love life, family, work issues, and anything else that may be concerning you. We are also here to give you empowering insight and spiritual guidance. All psychic text messages are fully confidential so do not hesitate to text a psychic.

Try our Psychic Text Service for free!

To try our psychic SMS service, simply text the word STAR followed by your question and send the message to 66090. Our live psychic readers will personally respond to your question within minutes.

Your first psychic SMS reading is completely free, then if you choose to ask another question, you will be charged £1 per message (max 3 replies. Standard Network Rates apply. 18+ CCP Services). Due to regulations, we cannot answer questions about finances, health, pregnancy, legal proceedings, or gambling.

Your text readings will always be confidential
Fast response to specific questions
Easy to use anytime or anywhere

FAQs on Psychic Text Readings

How to get started with your first SMS text reading?
  • Step 1
    Text “STAR followed by your question and send the message to 66090”
  • Step 2
    Receive your insightful reply in seconds (our service promise!)
  • Step 3
    Keep texting to build a trusted, authentic relationship with your text psychic
How much does Psychic SMS reading cost?

StarTemple.com prides itself on being always affordable. Message cost is £1.50 per message received. Max 3 replies. Standard network charges apply for msgs sent. Helpline: 0207 553 520

Why should I text a psychic?

If it’s not convenient to use our live psychic phone service then why not text a psychic?

Our psychic SMS text service is available 24 /7 per day to support your spiritual guidance day or night!

When you text us today, we guarantee you an immediate fast reply from a tested psychic specialising in SMS text readings. At StarTemple.com, our 24/7 SMS psychic text reading service gives you instant access to our circle of authentic and confidential psychic readers. We guarantee our advice and guidance are confidential using our natural gifts to help inspire you each day.

How does SMS psychic texts work?

StarTemple.com is here to connect you with our team of trusted psychic readers and clairvoyants in and quick and affordable way. They can answer queries and provide trusted guidance on a number of popular subjects.

By texting StarTempe.com today, your clairvoyant or psychic can start to provide you inspirational guidance across a number of topics, including:

  • Love and Family Relationships. Unsure if your partner is the right one? Tired of searching for love with zero results? StarTemple.com can help you find the path you’re on and receive a spiritual map.
  • Career and Life. Begin to receive vision and confirmation that you’re on the right career plan. If you’re tempted to change your work or career, get advice from StarTemple.com today.
  • Have you ever been curious about what your future holds? What can you do to deliver meaningful change in your life? StarTemple.com is capable of giving you a truly unique insight into the spiritual journey that will shape your life.

Star Temple is here to connect you with the right text psychic reader who can provide you with spiritual wisdom and clarity. By texting us today, you can begin to receive the inspiration and clarification you deserve through StarTemple.com.

To begin your exciting new journey with StarTemple.com, text STAR and your question to 66090 and receive a reply within a moment.

FAQs Section

Our other psychic services


If you have recently lost a loved one or simply want to reconnect with any of your distant relatives and seek some comfort, mediumship readings are the answer.

Love Compatibility

Are you in love and wonder if your love will last or maybe you are searching for a twin flame? We have an outstanding record of successful love and relationship predictions.
Psychic Text Service

Psychic Text Service

If you only have a few questions to ask and precious little time, our psychic text service is the perfect way to get insight. Our psychic text/SMS readers are experts in ancient knowledge but up to speed with current technology.

Angelic Connections

Many people believe in angels and the powers. Although angels are usually personified there is an energy power/source/wisdom that can be used to obtain guidance and knowledge.


Palmistry is the skill of reading hands and has been known for many centuries. Palmist experts examine palms in order to identify the past, current circumstances and your future.


Numerology is the study of numbers to draw connections in relationships, life events, personality traits, your destiny, life purposes and outcomes.

Credit Card Line

+44 (0) 207 553 5020

Calls cost £1.50/min plus your network access charge.
Readings are for entertainment only. 18+

Premium Line

0907 004 0232

Calls to our live service from within the UK cost £1.50
plus, your phone provider's access charge

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